Live-in Caregiver in Beverly Hills

  • Beverly Hills, United States

Live-in Caregiver in Beverly Hills

Job description

Secondary Caregiver to 25 YO male We are currently recruiting for an experienced 3 day a week, part-time caregiver / companion. Committing to the weekends is essential. Flexibility in the week is also needed to cover any time off / holidays the full-time caregiver may need. Your job role will be to assist an able-bodied young gentleman who is in recovery from a chronic illness and suffers with depression, anxiety and severe agoraphobia. The young man is housebound. The treatment plan is ongoing and there is a full-time caregiver that you'll be working with as a team. You will be filling in for her two days off and working together one day. You will live in during the days you are working. There is a medical team to help ensure his continued recovery, so no medical care is needed. The aim is that the ideal person will connect with and build a strong relationship, being a companion, to maximize his recovery process and to provide emotional support to him.


This is a great opportunity for someone looking to provide hope, friendship and stability to the young gentleman. He owns a 1-year old beagle and watching him during these 3 days is a part of the job. He is quite playful and likes to be with the person working.
Companionship is a big part of this role; it is crucial to be engaged and responsible in your job. We need someone who will listen to and chat with the young man, hopefully to become friends. Must have good communication skills and be cordial with everyone which includes family members, guests and other employees. It would be a benefit if caregiver likes music and plays an instrument (he plays guitar, piano and sings), this is one of his passions.
  • Personable & friendly
  • Intelligent, curious & intellectual
  • Empathetic and compassionate
  • Naturally cheerful and positive, but also calm.
  • Fit and healthy as the young man cannot manage exposure to illness due to depleted immune system