Butler / House Manager

  • La Jolla, United States

Butler / House Manager

Job description


Highly experienced Butler/House manager who will take full charge of all the principal’s properties.  The successful candidate has previous experience in very fine homes and has managed multiple properties.  This individual will have 360° oversight for the overall care and maintenance of the homes, development of household systems, procedures, and protocols, developing and managing staff, ensuring consistent service levels for all residences, and managing capital projects and household budgets.  This individual will also work closely with a team outside the house involving executive assistants in the respective corporate offices of the principals.   


La Jolla CA USA

Montreal Canada

FAMILY DESCRIPTION: Couple with 3-year-old daughter


•          Family Assistant Providers

•          Housekeepers

•          Chefs

•          Maintenance Personnel

•          Additional staff, including contractors and vendors.


•          Assume final responsibility for the homes, maintaining orderly operation, organization of principles closets, household inventory and meticulous appearance of staff and systems.

•          Act as single point of contact for principals.

•          Interface with executive offices to coordinate projects involving homes and the office.

•          Serve all meal to principles and/or guest

•          Answer and greet all arriving guest with warm hospitality  



•          Develop and maintain schedule of maintenance to be performed on weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis, as well as seasonal tasks.  Monitor, schedule, and ensure planned maintenance for each property.

•          Oversee development and completion of a global household manual, which is tailored for each residence that establishes a set of guidelines for each residence to:

•          Once household manuals have been completed, schedule semi-annual reviews of each manual to ensure it accurately reflects care and maintenance of newly purchased furniture, art, appliances, and equipment; update manuals accordingly.

•          Understand the operation, repairs, maintenance warranties, and routine maintenance checks required for the following systems: electric, HVAC, security, plumbing, audio/video, and appliances.  Suggest changes that can be made to systems at each residence to ensure seamless operations.

•          Understand and help manage household computers, phones/faxes, network and security systems.

•          Oversee development and maintenance of written household inventories of items including china, silver, linen, and glassware.  Work with staff to ensure updated, accurate inventory lists.

•          Liaise with family office as needed to provide accurate inventory lists for insurance vendors.

•          Source and coordinate outside vendors including caterers, florists, landscape services, electricians, plumbers, maintenance services, etc.

•          Arrange, confirm, re-schedule and follow up on appointments for service providers at all residences.

•          Schedule maintenance workers at times convenient to the day-to-day life of the residence.

•          Ensure that each residence has a consistent feel, meaning each staff member understands client preferences.  Will make sure that each household is consistently stocked with specific foods, toiletries, and clothing items.


•          Train staff to implement the highest of standards at all residences.

•          Demonstrate an “open-door” policy and lead by example.  Make sure staff is well turned out, punctual, and attending to their duties as established.

•          Work with staff members to set priorities for their specific position (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual duties).

•          Full responsibility for coordination and dissemination of staff schedule, ensuring appropriate coverage in all residences.

•          Lead weekly staff meetings and conference calls.

•          Advise staff of upcoming household activities and of general household information, including any new procedures as is deemed right for them to know.  Discuss their concerns with them.

•          Monitor staff levels and report staffing needs to principals.  Hire new staff as needed.

•          In accordance with Employee Handbook, advise employees regarding policies, procedures, work-related conflicts, disciplinary actions, performance improvement plans, terminations, and legal guidelines.  On a regular basis, complete a thorough review of the Employee Handbook, recommend changes to the principals and disseminate Handbook updates to staff when changes occur.

•          Establish dates for and conduct annual performance reviews for all staff supervised.  Keep notes and records relative to staff performance throughout the year.

•          Ensure proper and lawful personnel records are created and maintained from hiring through termination.

•          Staff Reporting: prepare and submit to principals every three months a report showing monthly and year-to-date totals for expenditures, days off taken by the staff, and staff vacations planned in the future. 

•          Plan and implement a comprehensive training program to include new employee orientation, general skills and technology training, and specialized skill training to enhance job performance; engage and coach staff.

•          Create and implement an annual performance and compensation/bonus review for staff at each residence. 


•          Prepare and manage an annual budget for each of the residences.  Will assume overall executive responsibility for budget at each residence.  This includes annual and multi-year budgeting, plus annual and multi-year plans for each home and the organizational structure of their staffs.

•          At the request of the principal, or in accordance with multi-year budgets, direct the House Manager or handle personally any Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for any capital improvements to the properties, such as construction or major landscaping projects.  Monitor the expenditures for these capital improvements while in progress and ensure they stay within budget.  Monitor and approve, if requested by principal, any and all change orders.

•          Oversee house managers to manage the following items at each residence:

•          Household related expenditures

•          Overtime where applicable for household staff members

•          Proper documentation and submission of house credit card purchases and receipts; reconcile appropriately with household budget

•          Petty cash reconciliation


•          Schedule a weekly meeting with the principal to monitor their feedback and personal preferences; communicate relevant feedback and directives to appropriate staff members

•          Ensure easy transitions between residences for both family and staff.

•          Ensure that homes are properly prepared and ready for the principal’s arrival on an ongoing basis.

•          Travel on a regular basis between properties for hands-on oversight of residences.

•          Prepare all luggage when traveling (packing and unpacking)

•          Prepare each residence for guest arrivals and departures


•          Establish a project list, a calendar, and a contact list for each residence.

•          Establish a set of guidelines for each residence to a) prepare houses ahead of principals visit b) maintain service levels for each individual.

•          Walk the property with the house managers to review capital and other projects and to establish a timeline for completion of projects.  Monitor progress of project list during weekly staffing meeting.

•          Manage and oversee personal shopping for the principals; determine if this will happen in house or needs to be outsourced to ensure completion.

•          Oversee the completion of seasonal decorating, cooking, and gifting for holidays at each home.

•          Understand the security needs for each residence and ensure that proper security systems and protocols are in place.


•          Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university.

•          Possess at least 7-10 years relevant work experience in a private home or luxury hotel.

•          Outstanding verifiable references.

•          Understands that the utmost in confidentiality and discretion are required.

•          Proactive and anticipatory, with a service heart; a flexible self-starter who is willing to pitch in.

•          Skilled executor, with good judgment; able to discern when to escalate a problem or question and when to resolve independently.

•          Tech savvy; knowledge of MS-Office, accounting software programs, etc.

•          Experience planning operating and capital budgets.

•          Experience managing construction/renovation projects in a residential setting.

•          Superior process, project, and time management skills.

•          Flexibility to work outside of strict job description parameters, thinking creatively about how to provide highest quality internal customer service.

•          Process-oriented; enjoys developing and implementing systems and documents.

•          Strong analytic, communication, and change management skills.

•          Mature and collegial individual who is positive, proactive and persistent, and grasps the broader picture.  Demonstrates poise and grace under pressure.

•          Able to build rapport and credibility quickly with principals, staff, the corporate office, and vendors.

•          Experience in developing employee education strategies and training curricula.

•          Able to work additional hours if needed.

•          Long term intent.

•          Able to communicate effectively and readily with the principal.

•          Able to perform the essential functions of the job with or without accommodation of any limitations you may have to performing those essential functions.

•          Willing to perform any other duties as may be requested.

•          Able to work legally in the United States.

•          Possesses a valid driver’s license, with an acceptable driving record; can be insured at no material increment in cost.

COMPENSATION AND TERM:  to be determined